Our Vision

Purpose : Why We Do

Our purpose is to provide great products and be a pillar of strength within people’s lives throughout the world.

Mission : What We Do

We inspire and empower individuals to live their best life with greater health, wealth, and happiness through innovative products, rewarding business opportunities, and a purpose driven community that thrives with an enriching and uplifting culture.

Core Values : How We Do

Our true potential is reached by helping others reach theirs. We know the greatest joy is found when serving others. We also know our comfort zones are secondary to serving.
We strive to be Valiant and go the extra mile. When we slip, we get back up fast. We believe small steps are key to success. When things get tough, we stick with it!
We strive to be grateful and present in all that we do.
The more we love, the more love we have to give. We start by finding the good in ourselves and others.
We care about what we do and we build products that we believe in. Every aspect of our efforts are designed to improve people’s lives with no-compromise quality standards.
We strive to refine and improve ourselves each day. We strive to Win from Within by listening to courage, not doubt. By following our dreams, not excuses.
We take ownership in how things develop. We treat this as our business. We view profit as a necessity instead of the ultimate goal.
We innovate and constantly improve. We strive for excellence and push beyond what we think we can do.
We find the good in each day and face challenges with optimism.
We expect to do the impossible. What was impossible before, may be possible now.
We make time to have fun and create ways to enjoy each day.
We inspire individuals to bring out their best. We know the world changes one person at a time.

Meet Our Team

Brandon Broadwater
Founder & CEO of HealthSync™ Global
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Doug Jensen
President of HealthSync™ Global
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Kjersti Coté
Director of Field Education and
Product Development for HealthSync™ Global
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Devan Thorne
Director of Operations and Customer
Experience for HealthSync™ Global
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Mitchell Hancock
Director of Marketing for HealthSync™ Global
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HELLO AND WELCOME from the Founder

I've learned that moments make up the quality of our lives. I've also learned that we can miss the magical moments of life if we don't have optimal health. This is one of the reasons why I created HealthSync™ Global.

Best regards,

The Founder

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