In this busy day and age, it is often difficult to eat right. Many people are overfed, yet they are undernourished. This has lead to a health crisis where too many people are overweight, unhealthy, and miss a life of greatness because they lack energy.

In addition, many people don’t have the time or resources to nourish their body. To have an ideal life, we need optimal nutrition that is available to us at all times.

HealthSync Lean™ presents an on-the-go solution that is easy to use. Instead of going to unhealthy snacks and fast food, you now have 40 superfoods in a plant based meal that will satisfy.

HealthSync Lean™ has been perfectly formulated with the Essential 8, which are the building blocks of incredible nutrition that promote lean muscle, ideal weight, and optimal health.

HealthSync Lean is your ultimate health solution.

HealthSync Lean™ - Shake
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Chocolate shakes are everywhere! While these other products may have great nutrients, the greatest nutrients have little effect if your body can’t absorb them.*

HealthSync LeanTM is the only shake in the world that has Advanced BioAbsorptionTM Technology to unlock the full benefits of each nutrient, so nothing goes to waste!*

No Other Product or Company Other Than HealthSync Global Has ABTTM Technology.

Rest assured, we’ve added ABTTM to all our products!

Essential 8™

HealthSync Lean™ contains the The Essential 8™, which are the building blocks of excellent nutrition. The Essential 8™ provides some of the most critical nutrients that your body needs. In each scoop, your will receive all the benefits the Essential 8™ has to offer.*


The protein blend in HealthSync Lean™ provides the essential nutrients required for building and maintaining muscle.*


Regular optimal fiber intake promotes a healthy digestive system.*

OMEGA 3 & 6

The chia and flax seeds in HealthSync Lean™ provide essential high-quality fats to maximize vitamin absorption, glowing skin, and optimal brain function.*


HealthSync Lean™ provides healthy, energizing, gluten-free carbs for a clean burn.*


HealthSync Lean™ provides real vitamins from real food that allows you to absorb nutrients the way nature intended.*


Minerals are crucial in supporting essential cellular functions. HealthSync Lean™ has the proprietary science to deliver optimal mineral absorption.*


The enzymes in HealthSync Lean™ have been carefully selected and customized specifically to maximize absorption of every nutrient.*


The live strains of probiotics in HealthSync Lean™ will reinforce the good bacteria in your gut to aid with digestion, nutrient absorption, and overall health.*

Features & Benefits


HealthSync Lean™ delivers a proprietary blend of ingredients to support your ideal body weight. These ingredients are formulated to provide your body with the perfect on-the-go solution to support natural weight loss.*


It is important to maintain a good variety of healthy beneficial bacteria for optimal gut health. The specific strains of probiotics in HealthSync Lean™ help to support your overall health.*


The high amount of protein in HealthSync Lean™ favors muscle growth, particularly lean muscle. Lean muscle helps your basal metabolic rate, which is the amount of calories burned for normal behaviors, like breathing.*


HealthSync Lean™ is made from plant-based ingredients that are raw. Raw means they haven’t been exposed to high heat, which keeps the vitamins and minerals from getting damaged. This delivers maximum nutrition so you can have optimal results.*


Prebiotics are the food for your gut microbiome! Bad bacteria in your gut feed on sugars and other highly processed ingredients. Good bacteria in your gut need prebiotics to thrive and survive. HealthSync Lean™ has natural prebiotic fiber that feeds the good bacteria in your gut. This helps keep the bad bacteria from taking over.*

Advanced BioAbsorption™ Technology

HealthSync™ Global products are revolutionary because they are infused with Advanced BioAbsorption™ Technology (ABT™). ABT is a proprietary technology that uses a liposome delivery system which surrounds and protects vital nutrients ensuring they get past the harsh environment of the stomach. Once past the stomach, ABT also has specific Enzymes to maximize the absorption of our unique nutrients.*

Other products may have great nutrients, however, the greatest nutrients have little effect if your body can’t absorb them. ABT unlocks the full benefits of each nutrient, and gives you the peace of mind that nothing is going to waste!*

No Other Product or Company Other Than HealthSync Global Has ABT Technology.


For optimal results, drink daily. Mix one level scoop with 16-oz of cold water and shake well. Delicious with other beverages (like unsweetened almond milk) or blended into a smoothie. Best consumed within 30 minutes.

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