Mind Sync™ gives you a the tactical advantage by optimizing your brain for peak performance. It has been developed from the ground up to provide a powerful plant based solution with leading edge science.*

Our proprietary formula has a carefully selected blend of plants, mainly fruit, that are high in polyphenols. These are plants that are chosen to support learning, memory, and concentration.*

Peak brain performance can help us stay present with our loved ones, outperform our old selves, and help us to get unstuck so we can move forward like never before.*

Mind Sync™ is designed to give you more enjoyment out of each day by helping you to have more stamina, clarity, sharpness, and wit. Once you experience Mind Sync™ you will never want to let it go.*

Mind Sync™
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Key Ingredients


Turmeric has been held in high regard throughout the continent of Asia for its many health benefits. This herb has been shown to have a significant benefit to support the brain. It has been linked to increasing the brain-derived neurotrophic factor, which is vital to promote memory, learning, and thinking.


The plant-based extract from grape seeds has been shown to contribute in stimulating brain cells.*


Clinical studies have demonstrated that pomegranates have high levels of polyphenols that are known to combat unstable molecules that can damage your DNA. Polyphenols are great for optimal health.*


The extract from these powerful berries has been shown to help with alertness.*


Blueberries have great benefits for the brain. Most notable, is it’s ability to increase blood flow. The increased blood flow allows more oxygen and nutrients to be delivered to the brain cells.*


Oregano has been shown to increase concentration.*


B vitamins work together to form a special chemical, S-adenosyl methionine (SAM), which is used by the brain for different cognitive processes such as thinking, learning, and memorizing.*

Features & Benefits


Polyphenols have been shown to help mitigate memory loss.*


Mind Sync™ has specific ingredients to promote focus. The difference between winning and losing can be a matter of focus.*


Polyphenols are linked to increasing BDNF (Brain-derived neurotrophic factor). BDNF is used in neurogenesis for the formation of new synapses and is vital in memory, learning, and thinking.*


Mind Sync™ is packed with Polyphenols. Polyphenols help the hippocampus region of the brain to support clear thinking.*


Procyanidins are a specific class of polyphenols that are used in neurogenesis for the formation of new synapses which support the brain’s ability to learn.*


Mind Sync™ is a product specifically developed to support your brain and provide it with the plant-based compounds to support learning, memory, focus, and mental clarity.*


This unrefined salt is an important, naturally-occurring trace mineral that provides electrolytes and promotes superior hydration.*

Advanced BioAbsorption™ Technology

HealthSync™ Global products are revolutionary because they are infused with Advanced BioAbsorption™ Technology (ABT™). ABT is a proprietary technology that uses a liposome delivery system which surrounds and protects vital nutrients ensuring they get past the harsh environment of the stomach. Once past the stomach, ABT also has specific Enzymes to maximize the absorption of our unique nutrients.*

Other products may have great nutrients, however, the greatest nutrients have little effect if your body can’t absorb them. ABT unlocks the full benefits of each nutrient, and gives you the peace of mind that nothing is going to waste!*

No Other Product or Company Other Than HealthSync Global Has ABT Technology.