Our modern diet with it’s processed foods have wrought havoc with our gut microbiome. Gut health is one of the most crucial components of health, and possibly the most neglected. At HealthSync Global, we are here to remedy that with Gut Sync™.*

Gut Sync™ is designed to Revolutionize Your Gut Microbiome™. We believe the turning point to optimal health starts in your gut. The ingredients in Gut Sync™ have been chosen very carefully to deliver a select amount of friendly bacteria reinforcements that help to restore balance to gut flora.*

We’ve designed Gut Sync™ to be strong enough to support you, while not overpowering your gut to the point of uncomfortable side effects, like other probiotics on the market.*

Gut Sync™ uses a combined probiotic and prebiotic health strategy to optimize your microbiome. With health-promoting, gut-supporting, probiotic strains that have leading edge Advanced BioAbsorption™ Technology.*

We guarantee that our product is one of the most effective probiotic products that you will ever use.*

Gut Sync™
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Key Probiotic Strains

This long standing strain is one of the important gut bacteria to have in our colon. These bacteria are well known to aid in our immune response and help support a fast metabolism.*

This is a probiotic strain that you don’t want to live without. In addition to supporting your gut microbiome, B. Breve is an immune-supporting powerhouse!*

This incredible strain has been shown to reduce the permeability of the microbiome. This can help to better absorb nutrients and trace minerals from our food.*

This revolutionary strain has the benefit of weight management. In a double-blind clinical trial, it was found that it helps to reduce waist circumference; which is a better indicator of healthy weight loss than just lower numbers on the scale.*

This particular strain helps to build up gut barriers and speed digestion. This helps to build optimal gut health.*

The strain B. Longum has a long list of benefits, including brain health and having a soothing effect on the body.*

Features & Benefits


Gut Health is highly dependent on the microcosm of the stomach and intestines. It has been long since known that beneficial bacteria help to break down and digest food, whereas, bad bacteria consume the needed nutrients before your body can get to them. With a healthy gut microbiome, digestion can now function at a peak level. This allows you to maximize the absorption of vitamins, minerals, and other important nutrients from the food that you eat. This creates a healthier you. Remember, you are not what you eat, you are what you absorb!*


Probiotics have clinically been linked to support immunity by the establishment of beneficial bacteria. When good bacteria is introduced and consistently supported, it works to crowd out the bad bacteria that can cause so many problems in our health. Gut SyncTM does double duty by introducing good bacteria and also feeding the existing good microbiome with prebiotics.*


A quality gut microbiome with plenty of fiber helps the body to be healthy and also ensures proper weight management. To lose weight, we need optimal gut health and our body’s metabolism to be working at its best.*


Good bacteria promote a certain response in the brain and regulate signals and behaviors in our hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis. These type of signals are used by the body to help assist with stress and other mood based issues.*


The gut works with the brain to send out certain signals to help alleviate stress. By having a quality gut microbiome, you will find that you are more equipped to handle stress.*


Your gut works diligently with the brain to send off certain signals to regulate activities in the brain, some of which are responsible for mood. By having a healthy microbiome, you will be better prepared to deal with emotions and feel happier each day.*

Advanced BioAbsorption™ Technology

HealthSync™ Global products are revolutionary because they are infused with Advanced BioAbsorption™ Technology (ABT™). ABT is a proprietary technology that uses a liposome delivery system which surrounds and protects vital nutrients ensuring they get past the harsh environment of the stomach. Once past the stomach, ABT also has specific Enzymes to maximize the absorption of our unique nutrients.*

Other products may have great nutrients, however, the greatest nutrients have little effect if your body can’t absorb them. ABT unlocks the full benefits of each nutrient, and gives you the peace of mind that nothing is going to waste!*

No Other Product or Company Other Than HealthSync Global Has ABT Technology.