Become a Founder of HealthSync® Global!

The Founders Pool

*Earn shares in the founders pool when you sign up before June 30, 2020! Minimum Payout of $500/quarter!*

Founding Wellness Partners will be able to enjoy exclusive company reward trips, amazing incentive programs, and unique gifts from the company. Founders will receive special recognition & awards at HealthSync® Global events and will become part of an exclusive group of wellness partners who share in overall company sales.

By becoming a founding wellness partner, you can be eligible to receive additional compensation through the “Founder’s Bonus Pool.” The Founders Bonus Pool is .5 % of total company volume. This bonus pays out in addition to the HealthSync® Global compensation plan.

This program is only available for a limited time! There is only one time in a person’s life when they can become a founder, it is when the company is new. Only those who become a founder while the pool is open will qualify for this life-changing program!

Example: Bob become a P.L. (10 shares) in January, dropped to Gold Leader (0 shares) in February, but in March became a SL 1 (20 shares)

10 + 20 = 30

Bob would earn 30 shares total for the quarter.


-Qualifying Platinum Leaders will get 10 Shares.

-Servant Leader One Stars will get 20 Shares.

-Servant Leader Two Stars will get 30 Shares.

-Servant Leader Three Stars will get 40 Shares.

-Servant Leader Four Star (and above ranks) will get 50 Shares.

*Must achieve Paid as rank of Platinum Leader or above for at least 1 one month in the quarter to be eligible for the quarterly payout.* The $500 per quarter is a promotion to provide a healthy payout to active Founding Wellness Partners during the first year. This $500 per quarter promotion will convert to the intended percentage payout on January 1st, 2021.

If for any reason you fall out of the founder's pool you may re-enter by achieving Platinum Leader for two consecutive months. Reactivation will occur upon the second consecutive month and that will be the month that qualifies for compensation in the quarter which the second-month qualification occurred.*

To be eligible to become a Founding Wellness Partner with HealthSync Global you must join by 11:59 PM (MST) June 30, 2020 AND achieve the paid as rank of Platinum Leader (or higher) within 1 year of your join date!

We invite you to become a Founding Wellness Partner of HealthSync Global Today!


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